Artificial Intelligence will be Omnipresent in the Future

Beatriz Alonso Vision&Values

Advances in the last five years on how we gather and process data have been key to speed up the way Artificial Intelligence is used in our daily lives and how human perception itself has been augmented with the use of Artificial Intelligence. There has been great progress in image classification or object recognition, as well as numerous advances in machine translation, which have promoted the increase importance of autonomous systems, now part of our daily conversations.

Likewise, the explosion of “Big Data” and Data Science, as well as the democratization of specialized software tools, have driven more companies put data in the center of their processes to generate more innovative products or improve services.

Recently, José Antonio Rodríguez-Serrano, one of our Lead Data Scientists and head of the innovation team, took part in a podcast for BBVA, in Spanish, where he tried to shed some light on what Artificial Intelligence is and what will be mainly used in the near future.