Bayesian Deep Learning meets Google Cloud for a better forecasting engine at BBVA

Jairo Mejía

Data Processing, News&References

BBVA Data & Analytics have just published a white paper in partnership with Google Cloud that showcases an end-to-end solution to deploy to production a Deep Learning model for time series forecasting. The model incorporates uncertainty of the predictions, which, we believe will have a powerful impact on improving the customer experience of products such as BBVA’s expected expense tracker …

How Data-Driven Initiatives can Save Young Lives

Jairo Mejía and Joan Llop

Data Stories

In one of the largest cities on the planet, a lot of things happen every day. Mexico City is one of the largest megalopolis in the world, and where adequate sensorization could make it an ideal laboratory for the use of data for the good of its citizens. Furthermore, the city could encourage public participation in data-driven initiatives. One such …

Self-Service Performance Tuning for Hive

Angel Puerto

Data Processing

Hive is a very powerful data warehouse framework based on Apache Hadoop. The two together provide stable storing and processing capabilities for big data analysis. In this article, we will analyze how to monitor metrics, tune and optimize the workflow in this environment with Dr. Elephant. Hive is designed to enable easy data summarization, ad-hoc queries, and big data analysis. …

Building Open Source Software in a Large Corporation

Santiago Basaldúa


The world runs on data. However, without the dynamic, accessible and adaptable nature of OSS (Open Source Software) the pace of exploitation of data-rich fields would be painfully slow. Imagine a world of Data Science without Linux, Python, Anaconda or Tensorflow, just to cite some relevant examples of Open Source Software. During the last few years, the trend of using …

Improving Predictions in Deep Learning by Modelling Uncertainty

Axel Brando

Data Processing

At BBVA we have been working for some time to leverage transactional data of our clients and Deep Learning modes to offer a personalized and meaningful digital banking experience. Our ability to foresee recurrent income and expenses in an account is unique in the sector. This kind of forecasting helps customers plan budgets, act upon a financial event, or avoid overdrafts. All …

What Will the Bank of the Future Look Like?

Jairo Mejía


Until not long ago many people would still show up at a bank branch with a paycheck from their employer, collect the money and leave with a fresh stack of bills, never to be seen between the columns of the gargantuan building until the next payday. They did not see the use case for a bank account, since the mattress …

Fairness by Design in Machine Learning is Going Mainstream

Jairo Mejía and Roberto Maestre

Vision&Values, Ways of Working

The consideration of fairness in the development of machine learning-based solutions is gaining traction as a key aspect of artificial intelligence and modelling of social behaviours. This week the Harvard Business Review published a story authored by the leading forces behind a health analytics project that is using Deep Learning to detect people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. The …

Research and Innovation: What the Future Looks Like for the EU

Marco Creatura, Joan Llop and Jairo Mejía


What are the technologies that will shape the future of the European Union? Who are the players involved in the creation of these upcoming innovations? In an attempt to answer these questions, we have analyzed several open data sources from the European Commission to identify the strategic priorities for the future beyond 2020. Leading the race are Nuclear fusion, graphene, supercomputing, autonomous …

Finding a Common Vision: Design Fiction to Establish a Dialogue among Business, Data Science and Design in Finance

César de Pablo Sánchez and Israel Viadest

Ways of Working

We have previously talked about design fiction at BBVA D&A and how it has aligned and eliminated boundaries between data science teams and their stakeholders. We have also seen the potential of advanced analytics when applied to product development in finance. The latter is a must-do in order to foster an effective exploration of data scientists and designers during product development …

The Best Data Science Masters (in Spain and online) to Consider this Summer

Maria Hernandez, Beatriz Alonso and Jairo Mejía


If you are an IT person you know that being updated is part of your daily work and that you have to be up to date with new technologies, lines of development or analytical techniques that are constantly emerging. Summer is coming and many of us are planning a training programme for the following academic year. The offer is very …