A random search at NeurIPS 2019

Pablo de Jesús Campos Viana

AI Factory was there

Last December we had the opportunity to attend the 33rd edition of NeurIPS, one of the most prestigious machine learning conferences in the world. The conference was held in Vancouver, Canada from December 8-14, and was organized with tutorials, workshops, demos, presentations and poster sessions. In this article we summarize some relevant aspects of the event. Some numbers With approximately …

What we saw (and what we showed) at KDD 2019

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano and Axel Brando

AI Factory was there

One of our first and most successful applications of machine learning to a retail financial tool included in the BBVA app is that which allows customers to know a forecast of recurring expenses and incomes for next month. Knowing what day you will receive the car insurance charge or a recurring transfer -and its amount- is key to manage your …

What We Saw at ICDM 2017: Tackling Data Problems with Real World Examples

Maria Hernandez

AI Factory was there

On November 2017, New Orleans (Louisiana), hosted the world most important conference on data mining. The 17th edition of this event presented new work on graph analytics, time series patterns and recommender systems, among others disciplines. Traditionally, this conference has focused on scalability and practical examples and applications of algorithms, and this year did not disappoint when it came to …

How Innovation Will Become More Customer-Focused. Our Participation at ENTER 2018

Juan de Dios Romero

AI Factory was there

ENTER 2018, organized annually by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel and Tourism (IFITT), took place the last week of January in Jönköping (a lovely Swedish city on the south shore of lake Vättern). This year’s theme was “Digital tourism: engagement, content, and networks”. There was a good combination of industry and academia speakers lined up, covering topics …

What We Saw at Data Natives 2017

Marta Lamela Casanova

AI Factory was there

Last November I attended the Data Natives Conference, in Berlin. They define themselves as “A conference for the data-driven generation” and it is absolutely true. I met a very diverse group of people: industry specialists, entrepreneurs, state-of-the-art startups, techies, data scientists and university professors. Workshops day   It took place in an amazing location, the WeWork Sony Center. I chose …

The NIPS Chronicles: What We Saw There

Leonardo Baldassini

AI Factory was there

It may have become a tradition: December is the time when the ripest fruits of 12 months of global research in machine learning are showcased and the future trends defined and outlined in what seems to have become the most important – or at the very least most hyped – gathering on the subject. Following the escalating success it has …

What we saw at Open Data Science Conference Europe 2017

Rafael Hernández, Israel Herraiz and Amanda Garci

AI Factory was there

ODSC London 2017 showed us an amazing variety of tools, libraries, notebooks and data science apps. There were 75 speakers, plus 1.500 attendees and literally no room for more. It doesn’t mind if you prefer Python, R or even Julia. Whether you’re into data visualization, academic research or open source ML libraries. Over there we found the usual hot topics, …

What we saw at Spark Summit Europe 2017: More Spark Libraries, Real Machine Learning systems into production, and the reality of Deep Learning in Spark

Beatriz Alonso

AI Factory was there

A month ago, the latest Spark Summit Europe, the world’s largest event for the Apache Spark™ Community, was held in Dublin with the participation of more than 1200 developers, engineers, data scientist, researchers and business professionals. José A. Rodríguez, one of our data scientists, had the opportunity to participate as a speaker with a talk in which he explained a …

What we saw at ECML & PKDD 2017

Elena Tomas Herruzo

AI Factory was there

Last September I had the pleasure to attend to the European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML), which has been held simultaneously with the Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases Conference (PKDD) for the last 13 years. This year the conference was held in Skopje, where they received us with an excellent and priceless Balkan hospitality. The capital of …

What we saw at Spark Summit 2017: Spark embraces Deep Learning

Mauricio Ciprian

AI Factory was there

Spark Summit 2017, which took place in San Francisco in June, brought together more than 3,000 data scientists, developers and industry experts that participated in more than 170 to discuss recent developments and future trends that will shape the future of the data industry. This is the biggest worldwide event of the Apache Spark community, the technology that has become …