From BBVA Data & Analytics to BBVA AI Factory

BBVA AI Factory

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Ten years ago, a group of inquiring minds at BBVA created a small innovation program to explore opportunities to exploit financial data. A decade may not seem like a long time, but when it comes to technology, it feels like time travels twice as fast. By 2011 we hadn’t yet seen a machine beat the ‘Go’ world champion in the …

An AI Factory team releases internal software to analyze relations

Santiago Basaldúa


A 283 year old field of mathematics founded by Leonhard Euler with his “Seven Bridges of Königsberg” problem is changing the way we tackle customer analytics at BBVA. Rather than studying clients, corporations, managers, products or ATMs as static objects with standard attributes or “labels” such as those emerging from traditional customer segmentation, this field, called Graph Theory, focuses on …

Call for Participants: Data Challenge in Financial Macro-modeling

Jairo Mejía


As data scientists we love participating in various initiatives outside the scope of our daily jobs. This gives us the chance to learn new things that are not directly related to our field of expertise and take a fresh look into complex analytical problems. At the same time, these kinds of experiences allow us to collaborate with colleagues who normally …

The best events for a traveling data scientist

Jairo Mejía, Joan Llop and Sefora Garcia


We get it! You love gatherings where the best data science and advanced analytic knowledge is shared. The research papers, the workshops, the posters, the keynote speakers, and the applied use cases are a great way of getting fresh perspectives and ideas. We also know that you love the chance to enjoy the best cities where these events are organized. …

The Best Online Courses for Data Scientists

Jairo Mejía and Joan Llop


The Data Scientist profile is one of the most demanded profiles in the labor market. At the same time, the Data Science toolset is becoming more diverse and the skills demanded are broader. Luckily, for those trying to take the first steps into Data Science or mastering techniques, there are many excellent online courses. After publishing a list of recommended …

Bayesian Deep Learning meets Google Cloud for a better forecasting engine at BBVA

Jairo Mejía

Data Processing, News&References

BBVA Data & Analytics have just published a white paper in partnership with Google Cloud that showcases an end-to-end solution to deploy to production a Deep Learning model for time series forecasting. The model incorporates uncertainty of the predictions, which, we believe will have a powerful impact on improving the customer experience of products such as BBVA’s expected expense tracker …

Building Open Source Software in a Large Corporation

Santiago Basaldúa


The world runs on data. However, without the dynamic, accessible and adaptable nature of OSS (Open Source Software) the pace of exploitation of data-rich fields would be painfully slow. Imagine a world of Data Science without Linux, Python, Anaconda or Tensorflow, just to cite some relevant examples of Open Source Software. During the last few years, the trend of using …

Research and Innovation: What the Future Looks Like for the EU

Marco Creatura, Joan Llop and Jairo Mejía


What are the technologies that will shape the future of the European Union? Who are the players involved in the creation of these upcoming innovations? In an attempt to answer these questions, we have analyzed several open data sources from the European Commission to identify the strategic priorities for the future beyond 2020. Leading the race are Nuclear fusion, graphene, supercomputing, autonomous …

The Best Data Science Masters (in Spain and online) to Consider this Summer

Maria Hernandez, Beatriz Alonso and Jairo Mejía


If you are an IT person you know that being updated is part of your daily work and that you have to be up to date with new technologies, lines of development or analytical techniques that are constantly emerging. Summer is coming and many of us are planning a training programme for the following academic year. The offer is very …

Ethical Implications of Personal Data Usage from Corporations

Beatriz Alonso


Just two months ago, Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer acknowledged in a statement that “the data of more than 87 million people could have been shared inappropriately with Cambridge Analytica.” Cambridge Analytica abused the possibilities offered by the social platform creating personality profiles based on that data stolen from the platform. This data was allegedly used to influence the outcome of …