News - 13/03/2017

Data Science Influenced by Talented and Successful Women

Today, we are more than 40 highly-qualified data scientists, technologists, domain experts, strategy practitioners, and visual design thinkers. Even if this is still not enough, 33% of us are women. Besides inspiring and educating data scientists we support women in the field. This is also the purpose of the Women in Data Science (WiDS), a series of event organized by Stanford University. In the words of Carme Artigas, Chairwoman of Synergic Partners, in her capacity as WiDS ambassador:

“Data Science is changing business models. It poses new ethical challenges and conflicts and us women need to raise our voice to influence the new world that is right around the corner. Now’s the time to make an impact on the fourth industrial revolution”.

In a recent WiDS Conference in Madrid we could observe the growing presence of women in all fields, and Data Science is not an exception. Our CEO, Elena Alfaro, who participated in the event, confirmed this fact with our efforts to promote gender equality.

During that event, Amparo Alonso, coordinator of LIDIA, a research and Artificial Intelligence group, share her optimism about the new opportunities that these technologies open. She believes that society as a whole will need time to adapt to the changes that Artificial Intelligence is going to bring. It will destroy many jobs, while opening new professional fields that do not exist today. She particularly highlighted that:

“Algorithms enhance our capabilities as a civilization”

For Angela Shen-Hsieh shared her point of view as current Head of Product Innovation at Telefónica R&D, and former IBM employee, where she worked in the development of its Watson supercomputer’s ability to interact through conversations. She mentioned that:

“Artificial Intelligence is just a step in the automation process”

Gas Natural Fenosa is also focusing on data analytics to offer a better service to its customers. “We want to offer energy advice to our customers to help them curb consumption, enjoy better rates, or contract the type of service they really need,” said Rosa Sanz, Head of People and Resources at the power utility.

Along with the 75 WiDS meetings held across the world, we revendicate the role of women in shaping technological evolutions and we want women to become a pivotal part of a more diverse fourth industrial revolution.