Uncertainty Models and Detection of Balance Anomalies

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano, Joan Llop, David Muelas and Luis Peinado

Data Processing

The development of Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector drives the creation of new data-based products, which are often linked to a new form of relationship between customers and financial institutions. In this sense, one of the main trends is related to the generation of personalized services and products that allow us to better manage our finances. The BBVA app …

Explaining the reliability of algorithms to humans

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano

Data Processing

Machine learning systems have a problem: they are imperfect and can sometimes err. And we humans have a problem too: we are not yet used to working with imperfect results. In 2018, coinciding with the Football World Cup, a company ventured to forecast the probabilities of each team becoming champion -the original report is not available but you can still …

What we saw (and what we showed) at KDD 2019

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Serrano and Axel Brando

AI Factory was there

One of our first and most successful applications of machine learning to a retail financial tool included in the BBVA app is that which allows customers to know a forecast of recurring expenses and incomes for next month. Knowing what day you will receive the car insurance charge or a recurring transfer -and its amount- is key to manage your …