The Powerful Fusion of Intuition with Data

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Last Summer, we launched Commerce360, our service that offers small and medium businesses powerful metrics with contextual business intelligence on millions of consumers throughout Spain. It was one of the first tangible example of how BBVA has transformed its data-driven bank vision into a reality. With Commerce360 even the smallest entrepreneur has contextual business intelligence at their fingertips that exceeds their customer base in a way not even large enterprises hoped for a few years ago. It helps answer fundamental questions for decision-making and marketing actions such as:

Where do my customers come from? How is my business doing compared to my competitors? What are the profitable hours for my business? etc.

Last week we took a moment to step back and reviewed the learnings on how data can change retail business intelligence. In an event hosted by our friends of the Innovation Center of BBVA in Madrid, we asked our Commerce360 Ambassadors to share the experience and knowledge in the use of metrics and indicators to measure the performance of their business and take decisions. Here is how our CEO Elena Alfaro describes the initiative (in Spanish):

“Today 70% of the decisions to eat in a restaurant originated with a digital interactions” — Diego Coquillat, CEO of

Several speakers debated how retailers organize their business around metrics and how Commerce360 supports that practice. For example, Diego Coquillat, CEO of 10Restaurantes.esaffirmed that today 70% of the decisions to eat in a restaurant originated with a digital interactions. Moreover, 50% of the restaurant reservations are now made online. He argued that Commerce360 has a huge potential that goes beyond real-time data and that is in the prediction, the possibility of anticipating actions to improve the overall customer experience. That is a major opportunity for the hospitality industry. Indeed, Diego mentioned that, within the five key pillars of the customer experience in that industry, four of them are becoming increasingly digital: The entry door, the tip, the prestige, the personalization (all of them digital) and persons.




Data and metrics are valuable to better understand customers, they also offer a fantastic tool to secure investments. For business finance expert José María Casero, most of the project to open a retail business do not receive financial support because entrepreneurs do not know how to describe well their needs. He argued that this obstacle can be overcome with the use of data — like the ones that Commerce360 provide — because the right metrics allow professionals seeking investments to explain, substantiate and justify their project.

For additional examples on the practical use of Commerce360, here are some testimonials (in Spanish) captured during the event.


You can listen the podcast (in Spanish) of the event in the following link