What does your Bank Know about you?

Beatriz Alonso CRM&Advice

The digital fingerprint derived from our banking activity (transfers made, card transactions, etc.) is a rich and constantly updated source of information which allows your Bank to develop products and services adapted to the specific needs of each client, leverage advanced analytical methods and technologies. BBVA Data & Analytics was created in 2014 to extract intelligence from all these data, contributing to the transformation of BBVA into a company based on data.

In a recent interview conducted by La Voz de Galicia with Elena Alfaro, Data Strategy & Data Science Innovation at BBVA, she gives us her vision of the future of digitalization of business.

“All the successful companies that are working today are based on the extreme customization of the service they provide: the films that recommend me are my tastes, the book they suggest me is the one I was looking for, social networks tell me who I could meet, they recommend me the music I prefer…. Anyone who moves in a digital environment and wants to compete has to know that they have to move in such a personalized environment. It’s the only way to compete.”

— Elena Alfaro

You can see the full interview here: