An International Football Story: How to Analyze a Collective Game; Individually

Leonardo Baldassini Data Stories

Many considerations play a role in the long and winding road to international football history. A single player -the cunning Maradona, the energetic Pelé, or the elegant Johan Cruyff- can change the football fate of an entire country; a single mistake can also bring a very well groomed squad to its knees against all odds -North Korea beat Italy in 1966 and came second in their group.

Predicting the outcome of a game or of the whole competition currently taking place in Russia is difficult, because so many unforeseeable off-model events can occur during any of the 90-minutes games in these 4 weeks.

We have found a different use for a classification algorithm developed at BBVA Data & Analytics to distribute in a three coordinates spaces most of the players that are competing these days in Russia for football glory.

In our data story you can find more details about the results.