We are around than 50 highly-qualified data scientists, technologists, domain experts, strategy practitioners, and visual design thinkers from more than 10 countries with an average age of 35 years, 30% of women, 15 PhDs, 40% of them in Artificial Intelligence.

Join us

We are always on the look-out for exceptional talents.

We invite you to submit your resume to joinus.aifactory@bbva.com with any material that represents your passion for excellence and innovation, for instance, your selected publications, your GitHub page, a selection of works, your previous start-up elevator pitch or your award-winning Vimeo video.

We realize that in the analytics business, more than any other business, the value of the company is dependent on the talent of the employees. That is our competitive advantage. Here you’ll work with a team of people passionate about the latest technology, open source and innovative problem-solving. You’ll work with scientific types that love mathematics and algorithms, artistic types that want to tell a story and visualize the world with insightful graphics, and of course business people who thrive by solving problems. Our professionals not only work in urgent business problems but also collaborate prestigious research centers and universities producing scientific papers that contribute to Research and Development in Data Science.

Typical research questions are:

  • How do we segment millions of customers in real-time?
  • What is the mobility of customer?
  • What are the different patterns of spending in a large population?
  • How can we measure model parameters stability over time?
  • And many more…

We are based in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. As part of the BBVA group, you will have the opportunity to work on a global level as BBVA has operations in 31 countries. However, as we run as a separate company, we have the intimacy of a smaller enterprise and work with an entrepreneurial spirit; a flat hierarchy where your contributions are valued immediately. BBVA AI Factory allows continuous learning through dynamic working groups that are constantly exchanging experiences with popular technology (for example R, Python, Scala, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau and many others). This encourages a mentoring culture where presenting workshops to your colleagues and learning from them helps us all grow our marketable skills. We combine the excitement of a high tech start-up and innovative technology with the maturity of a successful, seasoned executive team and well-funded enterprise.

We recruit high-quality professionals and treat them accordingly. We offer:

Flexible schedules
Our team members have the latitude to arrange their hours so that it meets their needs and the company’s requirements.

Flexible location
When it makes sense for employees and their team members, we can arrange a mixed in-person and remote work plan.

Extensive network
BBVA AI Factory professionals regularly attend and present at important Data Science events where they teach and learn from industry leaders.

For information about our data protection policy, please check this link.