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Ten years ago, a group of inquiring minds at BBVA created a small innovation program to explore opportunities to exploit financial data. A decade may not seem like a long time, but when it comes to technology, it feels like time travels twice as fast. By 2011 we hadn’t yet seen a machine beat the ‘Go’ world champion in the …

Diversity and inclusion as a policy decision

Joan Llop, Marina Arruabarrena, Víctor Rodríguez and Clara Higuera


In the science and technology sector we see an undeniable reality: there is still a shortage of women to balance the gender gap. This is an objective and, in the vast majority of companies in the sector, a fact that can be mesured. Even though at BBVA Data & Analytics we have a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion, it …

More women and diversity in technology

Ana Pombo and Sefora Garcia


To celebrate International Women’s Day, we organized and participated in debates regarding the importance of adding more diversity to technology and Data Science teams, as well addressing challenges for women in the labor market. We invited the co-founder of Mujeres Tech, Cristina Aranda, to talk about the challenges facing women in science and technology. One of the recurrent issues in …

What Will the Bank of the Future Look Like?

Jairo Mejía


Until not long ago many people would still show up at a bank branch with a paycheck from their employer, collect the money and leave with a fresh stack of bills, never to be seen between the columns of the gargantuan building until the next payday. They did not see the use case for a bank account, since the mattress …

Fairness by Design in Machine Learning is Going Mainstream

Jairo Mejía and Roberto Maestre

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The consideration of fairness in the development of machine learning-based solutions is gaining traction as a key aspect of artificial intelligence and modelling of social behaviours. This week the Harvard Business Review published a story authored by the leading forces behind a health analytics project that is using Deep Learning to detect people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. The …

Lifting the Secrecy of Algorithms with Interpretability

Jairo Mejía and Irene Unceta


As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning rapidly infiltrate critical areas of society, the lack of transparency surrounding these processes is becoming a tangible concern for the scientific community, the public authorities and the society at large. From financial and insurance markets to medicine, citizen security or the criminal justice system, the tendency has prevailed in recent years to devolve decision …

Bringing the Artificial Intelligence to its True Potential

Juan Murillo


Since 1953, when the term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in a conference at Dartmouth University we have achieved unthinkable highs: we have taught machines to see, to recognize images or text. We have taught them to read, to listen, speak, or translate. And still they are not even close to having full human-capacities; they don’t comprehend, they …

Training, an Essential Perk to Retain a Data Scientist Profile

Ana de Melo e Faro and Beatriz Alonso


BBVA Data & Analytics’ first milestone was achieved in 2011 when BBVA’s Innovation Unit set up a small research team, committed to using existing data sources to solve business challenges. Several external partnerships with research institutions, other startups, Telecom corporations and public institutions, offered promising results such as the massive identification of highly profitable customers formerly labeled as standard customers, …

Artificial Intelligence will be Omnipresent in the Future

Beatriz Alonso


Advances in the last five years on how we gather and process data have been key to speed up the way Artificial Intelligence is used in our daily lives and how human perception itself has been augmented with the use of Artificial Intelligence. There has been great progress in image classification or object recognition, as well as numerous advances in …

How Big Data Transformed BBVA and The Way We Do Things

Jairo Mejía


Recently, Fabien Girardin, BBVA Data & Analytics’ co-CEO, had a sit down with the online magazine Knowmadas to talk about how we have applied advanced analytics and Big Data in a big banking organization, and, more importantly, how this data-driven approach has been supported by a culture shift that is helping BBVA to focus on innovation, vision and the value …