Francisco Maturana Cremades

Francisco Maturana Cremades

Chief Executive Officer
I started my career at Indra as a programmer for distributed environments. I am specialised in the design of solutions and complex architecture. At Indra I led teams and created solutions for the following sectors: Transportation, Banking, Real Estate Insurance, and Telecommunications. In addition, we designed components and solutions for the first online reservations and payments system for In 2005 Juan José Divasson and I set up our first company called Madiva. I covered the dual role of CTO and Business co-manager. We faced the challenge of creating fresh businesses by using these two paradigms as new levers. In 2014 Madiva Soluciones was acquired by BBVA as part of its digital transformation strategy. In 2019 I joined BBVA as part of the area of Data Strategy with the specific role of Theme Leader & Business Translator within the AI Factory. Since 2021, I am honoured to continue learning from my colleagues as CEO of BBVA AI Factory.