Noticias - 15/03/2017

Data Science at BBVA

What are the fields in which Data Analytics and Big Data technologies can be applied in a heavily regulated environment such as banking? What problems and drawbacks arise when working with large amounts of data in a financial institution, and how to deal with them?

In the following video recorded at the VII RITSI national congress, one of our Data Scientist María Hernández answers these questions and describes some success stories to transform Big Data into personalized experiences for BBVA customers.

She goes through our process that begins with the first concept tests and design of models, to give way to the development of pilot projects and products in restricted environment, and that finally culminates with the production of new tools. María particularly points out some challenges Data Scientists need to solve at every stage, from ideation to implementation, with some tips on how to handle them in this industry.

Here is the full talk. Enjoy!