News - 11/02/2022

A little experiment on Women in Science day

On the occasion of Women in Science day, we asked the youngest members of the family to ask questions to a data scientist

We know that it is not easy for young children to explain what Data Science is all about. Perhaps that is why it is even more interesting to listen to the questions they have asked our fellow scientists. From general questions to extremely specific ones, from existential doubts to unexpected questions. And, of course, such important dilemmas as whether scientists eat pasta. Because we know that scientists are not ordinary people!

In the following video you’ll find some answers to their quesdtions.

In addition to having fun and vindicate the Women in Science day, we have done this experiment for two reasons: on the one hand, we wanted to bring the day to day and the work we do at BBVA AI Factory a little closer to the kids that are part of our lives, giving them a voice and answering their questions. And, on the other hand, we took the opportunity to make visible the female talent we have in Science field, creating references for the new generations and using a tone that reduces the complexity with which we sometimes approach the field of Science and Technology.

We thank and admire the colleagues who have tackled these complex questions. And especially to the children who participated.