News - 17/04/2017

Our Digital Transformation Under the Scrutiny of MIT CISR

Recently, we have had the pleasure of having Barbara Wixom at our Madrid office. Barbara is a Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) investigating data monetization. She has been studying as one of the pioneers in the field and for our role in transforming BBVA.

Barbara Wixom at out Madrid offices

In her talk, she highlighted our efforts to create an evidence-based culture (e.g. creating a shared language, inspiring colleague to employ a data-driven spirit) and how our data engines are creating competitive advantages. Also she described how monetizing data requires entering into the “information business” and its business models (e.g Commerce360, Paystats) that only come when adapting the operational backbone of the company.

Digital transformation is no easy business. Barbara’s CISR colleagues Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner recently published “Is Your Company a Digital Leader or a Digital Laggard” that focused on BBVA to understand what differentiates a digital business leader from those trailing behind in the global digital revolution.

Read about this research briefing and the BBVA transformation it describes in an article on the BBVA website.