News - 27/05/2022

We presented our projects to Peio Belausteguigoitia, BBVA’s country manager in Spain

Last 26th May we had the pleasure of welcoming Peio Belausteguigoitia, BBVA's country manager in Spain, to BBVA AI Factory, with whom we reviewed the AI-based projects we are working on.
A moment during the presentation of one of the projects. Peio is the first on the left.

At BBVA AI Factory we develop some of the BBVA Group’s most relevant data projects, what we internally call Data Big Bets. These products are based on the use of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence and help us to continue advancing in our strategy as a BBVA Group.

In this sense, we develop products and services that help us to continue to grow our customer base, on the one hand, but also to improve their experience, offering greater personalisation and relevant information that serves as a lever to improve their financial health. With the development of AI models we can also optimise the way we engage with our customers, improving our response to their needs.

Thanks to this session we had the opportunity to update the status of the projects and receive impressions from Peio and the rest of our colleagues, such as Ricardo Martín Manjón, Global Head of Data at BBVA and Álvaro Martín Enríquez, Head of Data at BBVA Spain, among others. Finally, Peio gave us a few brief words that were truly inspiring, and which are a real boost to continue contributing value to the company.

Without a doubt, these sessions bring us even closer to the rest of the bank’s teams and allow us to renew our enthusiasm for all the products we are creating.