News - 12/09/2022

BBVA Chair visits the AI Factory

Carlos Torres Vila checked the status of the major data projects that are being developed within the bank
Carlos Torres Vila with the participants in the session, which took place at AI Factory headquarters.

In his last visit to the AI Factory, BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila reviewed the status of the BBVA’s Data Big Bets, the data-based main projects that are being developed by the bank’s different units. This is the case of data products that improve the way we interact with our customers or those that offer them tools to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future. Thanks to greater knowledge of our customers, we are able to offer a more personalized experience and make better recommendations.

In addition, focus was also placed on data projects that can open up new business opportunities, improve existing processes significantly or attract new customers. The development of these data products, together with the increase of our technological capabilities, are part of BBVA’s strategic priorities.

During the visit, which took place last Friday, the Chair emphasized the impact we are making with the deployment of these products and how we are improving the value proposition we offer our customers. These conversations and direct communication are essential to continue developing a work closely aligned with the bank’s objectives and strategic priorities. The session was attended by several units of the bank that are working on a number of data-based projects.

Carlos Torres Vila during his visit to the AI Factory.

Development of Data Big Bets at BBVA

BBVA AI Factory is one of the greatest investments in the financial sector. In operation since 2019, this center brings together professionals from various disciplines: from data scientists to engineers, data architects and “business translators”, i.e. those responsible for identifying the analytical needs in the different business areas. Currently the team amounts nearly 200 professionals.

Recently, BBVA AI Factory has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the best workplaces for innovators, thanks to its initiatives focused on data exploration, its commitment to diversity and fostering a culture based on knowledge sharing. This recognition is added to that of Global Finance, a publication that highlighted AI Factory as one of the best financial innovation labs globally.