Clara Higuera Cabañes

Clara Higuera Cabañes

Expert Data Scientist
Clara Higuera Cabañes graduated in Computer Science from the Complutense University in Madrid, afterwards she carried out her PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics. During her PhD she carried out research stays in US and Sweden and published several papers in international journals. After her PhD, she became interested in Data Science in industry and attended Insights Data Science bootcamp in New York. She worked for a while in, a start up on line newspaper and afterwards she moved to London where she worked for over 2 years as data scientist for BBC. At BBC she worked applying the techniques she learnt during her PhD to help better understand BBC audiences and make decisions based on data and build data products. Among other projects she worked building audience segmentations and recommender systems for BBC News. Currently she works as data scientist in BBVA AI Factory. Clara enjoys presenting her work in meet ups and other public events and is actively involved in activities which encourage women and girls pursuit a career in technology and science to help bridge the gender gap in these disciplines.